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Add possibility to mount FnordMetric via Rails routes #60

kirs opened this Issue · 6 comments

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In resque, there is a feature of mounting Sinatra app directly to Rails routes.

mount, :at => "/resque"

In my opinion, it's very useful and it will be possible to mount FnordMetric web frontend to Rails app with one line.

@paulasmuth, if you agree with me, I will implement this feature in pull request.


Hey Kir, I think the feature you are looking for was already implemented by fd in issue #5 (FnordMetric.embed) - Is this what you wanted?


Exactly, thanks! I think that it will be useful to mention it in Readme...


So I'm completely new to this. Can anyone post the code that needs to go into my routes file in order to mount this? I'll write a wiki post about it if someone points me in the right direction :)


Am i right that this Feature isn't working anymore due to the removal of FnordMetric.embedded?

cj commented

I would love to know this too :)


It's not possible out of the box. You could try to extract the relevant parts from this file into you custom "embeddable" version. You would still need to run the workers (and acceptors if needed) separately.

Another approach could be, to build a custom interface with Fnordmetric UI

These are just ideas, haven't tried any of them :)

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