fnordmetric 1.0.0: Running on heroku, websockets vs polling. #90

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fnordmetric really is awesome, and looks great on my local machine. However, I have trouble deploying it to heroku (and even though I haven't tried that yet, probably to other servers where it would run behind an nginx proxy.)

Apparently fnordmetric 1.0.0 uses websockets as a transport, where 0.7.x polled the server. If I understand this issue correctly imanel/websocket-rack#8 running websockets on heroku just does not work.

Is there a simple way to fall back to polling instead of websockets? Some configuration option one can set somewhere? A working project

I am aware that #73 already deals with running on heroku. The suggested soultion works, but with fnordmetric 0.7.x versions only.


@radiospiel - did you resolve this by any chance?


Anyone had success deploying this to heroku?


Heroku should now support websockets.

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