Soundplumber in Runt
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Runt-plumber is set of runt bindings for Soundplumber, the internal sound engine and API for the Sporth language. Runt-plumber completely bypasses the parsing and lexing layer of Sporth, opting to use the better designed parser for Runt to touch the underyling plumber engine. Combined with a custom data structure, Runt-plumber aims to eventually provide a system better geared for realtime on-the-fly coding and abstraction.

Realtime for the moment has been disabled. That will come back again soon!

Runt-plumber also comes with sporth.rnt, a runt dictionary containing some handy words to use, including many words in Sporth.


At the moment, Runt-plumber has only been tested on Linux.

Runt-plumber needs the following dependencies:

  • Runt
  • Sporth
  • Soundpipe
  • JACK

To compile simply run:


Followed by this command as a local user:

make install

Do not use sudo.


See the file "sine.rnt" and "test.rnt" for some examples. More documentation soon!