A simple 16-step sequencer for Sporth using OpenGL
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Seq16 is a minimalist 16-step drum sequencer, that is spawned from inside of Sporth.

In a space of only 264 x 88 pixels, Seq16 has just enough features to leave you wanting more:

  • 4 16-step patterns
  • save/load pattern sets
  • vi-inspired navigation
  • Sample-accurate Clock
  • ability to work with live-coding (will close and reopen cleanly)


To compile on Linux, run "make".

Then run the test patch: sporth -b jack -c 2 test.sp

Using Seq16

Looking into test.sp is a good way to see how to use Seq16. Seq16 is loaded into Sporth as a custom ugen plugin. It creates a table with 4 elements in it. It is also fed a clock signal generated by Sporth. When Sporth sends a trigger to Seq16, it will advance one step in time. The ftable contains the state of each 16-step pattern at the current point in time, 1 for on, 0 for off. These signals can be multiplied with the clock signal to produce a rhythmic trigger signal that can be used inside of Sporth.


h,j,k,l: move left, down, up, right

space: toggle space on/off

s: save patch

1-9: set edit step jump size when you move left/right.