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Sporth (short for SoundPipe fORTH), is a small stack-based musical language, roughly inspired by stack languages like Forth and PostScript.


  • Stack oriented paradigm
  • Written entirely in C
  • 100+ unit generators to choose from
  • Powered by the Soundpipe DSP library
  • Unix-Friendly
  • Small codebase
  • Powerful C API
  • Easily extendable
  • Easily embeddable


In order to compile Sporth, The development "dev" version of SoundPipe needs to be installed. When you clone soundpipe, be sure to use the 'dev' branch of soundpipe with 'git checkout dev'. Note: The development branch of Soundpipe is used because on any given day, there are more modules there than in the master branch. More modules = more fun :)


  1. make
  2. sudo make install

Quick start

To see Sporth in action, run this command from the inside the project directory:

sporth -d 5s -o dialtone.wav examples/dialtone.sp 

This will generate a 5 second audio clip of sound.

More information on Sporth can be found here.


Several examples demonstrating specific ugens can be found in the examples folder of the repository. More musical examples can be found on the Sporthlings page.