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### ASP.NET WebSocket Echo
The AspNetWebSocketEcho sample is a simple WebSocket echo server implemented using an IHttpHandler. Includes [annotated source](
+### HttpListener WebSocket Echo
+The HttpListenerWebSocketEcho sample is another echo sample but this one is a binary streaming echo using WinRT as the client and HttpListener as the server.
+### WCF Echo
+Yet another echo sample, this one is the WCF version of the AspNetWebSocketEcho.
+### ASP.NET Chat
+The AspNetChat sample demonstrates using the Broadcast method on WebSocketCollection for implementing a simple chat server.
+### WCF NetHttpBinding
+The WCFNetHttpBinding sample demonstrates traditional WCF service based development using the new NetHttpBinding. This binding uses WebSockets automatically when used with a duplex contract (i.e. a contract that has a callback contract).
##Other Samples
If you are looking for the samples that Stefan and I demonstrated in our [BUILD 2011 talk](, these have their own repositories:

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