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package mango
import (
type Request struct {
type Status int
type Body string
type Headers http.Header
func (h Headers) Add(key, value string) {
textproto.MIMEHeader(h).Add(key, value)
func (h Headers) Set(key, value string) {
textproto.MIMEHeader(h).Set(key, value)
func (h Headers) Get(key string) string {
return textproto.MIMEHeader(h).Get(key)
func (h Headers) Del(key string) {
type Env map[string]interface{}
func (this Env) Logger() *log.Logger {
if this["mango.logger"] == nil {
this["mango.logger"] = log.New(os.Stdout, "", log.Ldate|log.Ltime)
return this["mango.logger"].(*log.Logger)
func (this Env) Request() *Request {
return this["mango.request"].(*Request)
func (this Env) Session() map[string]interface{} {
return this["mango.session"].(map[string]interface{})
// This is the core app the user has written
type App func(Env) (Status, Headers, Body)
// These are pieces of middleware,
// which 'wrap' around the core App
// (and each other)
type Middleware func(Env, App) (Status, Headers, Body)
// Bundle a given list of Middleware pieces into a App
func bundle(r ...Middleware) App {
if len(r) <= 1 {
// Terminate the innermost piece of Middleware
// Basically stops it from recursing any further.
return func(input Env) (Status, Headers, Body) {
return r[0](input, func(Env) (Status, Headers, Body) {
panic("Core Mango App should never call it's upstream function.")
return wrap(r[0], bundle(r[1:]...))
// Attach a piece of Middleware to the outside
// of a App. This wraps the inner App
// inside the outer Middleware.
func wrap(middleware Middleware, app App) App {
return func(input Env) (Status, Headers, Body) {
return middleware(input, app)
// Convert a App into Middleware
// We convert the core app into a Middleware
// so we can pass it to Bundle as part of the
// stack. Because the App does not call its
// upstream method, the resulting Middleware
// will just ignore any upstream passed to it.
func middlewareify(app App) Middleware {
return func(input Env, upstream App) (Status, Headers, Body) {
return app(input)
type Stack struct {
Address string
middleware []Middleware
app App
func Version() []int {
return []int{0, 3, 6}
func VersionString() string {
v := Version()
return fmt.Sprintf("%d.%02d.%02d", v[0], v[1], v[2])
func (this *Stack) Middleware(middleware ...Middleware) {
this.middleware = middleware
func (this *Stack) Compile(app App) App { = app
return bundle(append(this.middleware, middlewareify(
func (this *Stack) HandlerFunc(app App) http.HandlerFunc {
compiled_app := this.Compile(app)
return func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
env := make(map[string]interface{})
env["mango.request"] = &Request{r}
env["mango.version"] = Version()
status, headers, body := compiled_app(env)
for key, values := range headers {
for _, value := range values {
w.Header().Add(key, value)
func (this *Stack) Run(app App) os.Error {
if this.Address == "" {
this.Address = ""
fmt.Println("Starting Mango Stack On:", this.Address)
http.HandleFunc("/", this.HandlerFunc(app))
return http.ListenAndServe(this.Address, nil)
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