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* Sessions
Usage: Sessions(app_secret, cookie_name, cookie_domain string)
Basic session management. Provides a mango.Env.Session() helper which returns a map[string]interface{} representing the session. Any data stored in here will be serialized into the response session cookie.
* Logger
Usage: Logger(custom_logger \*log.Logger)
Provides a way to set a custom log.Logger object for the app. If this middleware is not provided Mango will set up a default logger to os.Stdout for the app to log to.
* ShowErrors
Usage: ShowErrors(templateString string)
Catch any panics thrown from the app, and display them in an HTML template. If templateString is "", a default template is used. Not recommended to use the default template in production as it could provide information helpful to attackers.
* Routing
Usage: Routing(routes map[string]App)
"routes" is of the form { "/path1(.\*)": sub-stack1, "/path2(.\*)": sub-stack2 }. It lets us route different requests to different mango sub-stacks based on regexing the path.
* Static
Usage: Static(directory string)
Serves static files from the directory provided.
Usage: JSONP
Provides JSONP support. If a request has a 'callback' parameter, and your application responds with a Content-Type of "application/json", the JSONP middleware will wrap the response in the callback function and set the Content-Type to "application/javascript".
## Example App

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