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Use the power of design patterns to solve different software automation related problems - Python
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Use the power of design patterns to solve different software automation related problems - Python

List of design patterns covered for automation testing

Page object pattern


  • Hide bad APIs behind better ones
  • Automation related: represent each page (including elements and action over them) of an application as an object


  • Targeted app:
  • Implement base page:
    • Currently supported:
      • open/quit the browser
      • wait for elements to be visible
    • Feature methods:
      • generic validator
      • different clicks
  • Each new page created will extend the base class
  • Implement a search for a video as example:
    • enter a string to query e.g. Python
    • click on search button
    • filter result list based on a keyword e.g. Python
    • select the video found based on this query
  • In tests section, under page_object_pattern package, two tests are performed:
    • a simple one to perform the wait for element action from base class
    • a search flow
    • note that from now on the test implementation is hidden in a specific page;
    • to perform some tests, you just have to call different page specific methods



  • Creational design pattern.
  • Provides an easy way to create a single instance of an object.


  • Access the same instance of the driver session class.
  1. The entire definition of the object class is encapsulated in the builder class:

    • The outer class exposes a method that returns the instance of the inner class.
  2. Design a class that handles the instantiation.

    • Inject the definition of the desired class in the singleton factory and the factory is responsible for returning the same instance.

Factory pattern

Simple factory

Abstract factory


  • Paul Bodean
  • Eugen Meltis


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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