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Several node.js servers are implemented in this repostiory, each is implemented on top of the express framework and should obey roughly the following directory structure:

  • var/ - a demand created directory with ephemeral files generated during the run (keys, logs, etc).
  • static/ - files served verbatim without any substitution nor server side logic in them
  • lib/ - javascript modules.
  • views/ - express views, served before static/ (if present)
  • tests/ - tests written using vows
  • tests/run.js - a "run all" script to run all tests
  • app.js application "entry point", exposes a single function exports.setup that takes a handle to an express server as an argument and sets up routes or associates middleware to it.
  • run.js - script to run a standalone (production) node.js server - typically bound against a well known localhost port.
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