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GDPFS: Global Data Plane File System

The Global Data Plane (GDP) provides a secure, verifiable, append-only, single-writer log interface where logs are replicated across a range of possibly untrusted hosts. A major advantage of such a log interface is that it is possible to provide atomicity and consistent replication with little overhead, while scaling at a global level. However, expressing mutable objects in append-only logs, while simultaneously providing efficient access to data within those objects, is a nontrivial task. In this paper, we present the Global Data Plane File System (GDPFS), a distributed filesystem that expresses mutable files within append-only logs and provides efficient data access within files. Because it is built on top of the GDP, the GDPFS has the potential to scale very well and run securely on untrusted hardware. For more information, check out our poster or our report.

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