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Borachio is now ScalaMock

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Native Scala mocking.
-## Borachio is now ScalaMock
+## Borachio is now [ScalaMock](
This repository is now mothballed. Future development will happen [here](/paulbutcher/scalamock).

4 comments on commit 399b6ea


Why did the name changed? :(


Discoverability :-)

I liked Borachio too - but it's not very descriptive. Whereas ScalaMock does what it says on the tin. Not very imaginative, I know, but...

ScalaMock is what I would have called it if the domain had been available when I started out - so when became available a couple of months ago, I grabbed it.


I just presented about it as Borachio at AnDevCon 2 last Sunday. Oh well.. people will find out. Great tool btw. I would love some howto for building with maven..


Ah - sorry about that, Manfred. Any name change will cause confusion, but I judged that a more descriptive name would be more helpful in the long-term. As you say - people will find out :-)

Regarding Maven - I find that I have a strong desire to crawl into a dark room and gibber whenever I look at it. As a result, I'm about as far from a Maven expert as it's possible to be. I'd be delighted to accept contributions, however, and very happy to help anyone who does understand Maven enough to be able to take it on...

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