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Couchy is a simple frontend on top of CouchDB with the aim of allowing a designer to specify the schema of a CouchDB document using plain old html.

Neat concept, huh?!

So it works like this:

You start with a html file. Have a look at site/templates/demo_template.html ... See all those html tags with class="schema" ... Can you guess what it is yet?

Run couchy (it's a little Sinatra page ... you might need to install Sinatra (sudo gem install sinatra) ):

ruby couchy.rb
(fires up on port 4567, whoop!)

Check out http://localhost:4567

(you also need couchdb running on port 5984 with a database called 'couchy')

You'll see Pages and Templates

Pages -> This is where your pages will be. You've none at the start.

Templates -> This is where you build your app.

Click 'Templates'

You'll see demo_template.html with a 'new' link beside it. Click 'new'

Now you see what the class="schema" was doing? Save the form. You can now click in and see your page. Woop!

Change demo_template.html. Add tags with class="schema". Put some back in. See what's happening? Magix!

That's all it does for now.