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h3. What's New?
+* 2010-05-04
+** RelaxDB 0.5 released. This is a leaner version of RelaxDB with significant performance improvements and breaking changes. See the "release notes": for upgrading notes.
* 2010-04-10
** RelaxDB 0.4 released. Supports Ruby 1.9.1 and CouchDB 0.11.0.
** Auto-generated views no longer emit the document as a value by default
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+h3. RelaxDB 0.5
+RelaxDB documents are now directly backed by the hash created by @JSON.parse@. This offers a significant real-world performance improvement. This change means that instance variables that map to CouchDB properties should no longer be manipulated directly - doing this was always a little risky as the behaviour was never firmly defined. But, if you need to preserve such behaviour use @data['my_prop_name']@ instead of the @my_prop_name@ instance variable.
+The methods has_one, has_n and references_many have been removed. Although convenient, in practice, their use contributed to non-idiomatic usage of CouchDB. Storing an array of document ids may be a suitable replacement for references_many as the underlying docs can be retrieved in a single query.
h3. RelaxDB 0.4
RelaxDB 0.4 contains a number of breaking changes. However, most clients should be able to upgrade smoothly.

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