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RelaxDB provides a Ruby interface to CouchDB. It offers a simple idiom for specifying object relationships. The underlying objects are persisted to the mighty CouchDB. Combined with the schema free nature of CouchDB, RelaxDB’s current strength lies in quick prototyping of object models.

A few facilities are provided including pretty printing of GET requests and uploading of JavaScript views.

A basic merb plugin, merb_relaxdb is also available.

For more complete documentation take a look at docs/spec_results.html and the corresponding specs.


Getting started

  RelaxDB.configure :host => "localhost", :port => 5984
  RelaxDB.use_db "scratch"

Defining models

  class Writer < RelaxDB::Document
    property :name, :default => "anon"

    has_many :posts, :class => "Post"
    has_many :ratings, :class => "Post", :known_as => :critic

  class Post < RelaxDB::Document
    property :created_at
    property :contents

    belongs_to :writer  
    has_many :ratings, :class => "Rating"

  class Rating < RelaxDB::Document
    property :thumbs_up, :validator => lambda { |tu| tu >= 0 && tu < 3 }, :validation_msg => "No no"

    belongs_to :post
    belongs_to :critic

Exploring models

  paul = => "paul").save

  post = => "foo")
  paul.posts << post                                          # post writer is set and post is saved
  post.created_at                                             # right now
  paul.ratings << => 3, :post => post)  # returns false as rating fails validation
  paul.ratings.size                                           # 0

  # Simple views are auto created
  Rating.all.sorted_by(:thumbs_up) { |q| q.key(2).count(1) }  # query params map directly to CouchDB

Creating views by hand

  $ cat view.js 
  function Writer-allnames-map(doc) {
    if(doc.class == "Writer")

  function Writer-allnames-reduce(keys, values) {
    var allnames = "";
    for(var i = 0; i < values.length; i++)
      allnames += values[i];
    return allnames;

  RelaxDB.view("Writer", "allnames")                          # paul

Incomplete list of limitations

  • Error handling is not robust
  • Destroying an object results in non transactional nullification of child/peer references
  • Objects can talk to one only database at a time
  • No caching is used. Although adding an LRU cache would be fairly straightforward, this hasn’t been done as it’s not yet clear what caching strategies will be most effective.
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