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Browser-based Hangman word game
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Hangman is a word game where you must guess letters which make up a word. You have a set number of guesses you are able to make before your man gets hanged. It comes with its own JavaScript test suite.


There is a single constructor function called Hangman. It takes two arguments:

required: a word, which is the word to be guessed in the game

optional: a container element to put the game into

Include either src/hangman or dist/hangman-min.js on your web page:

<script src="hangman-min.js"></script>

then create an instance of the clock like this:

var div = document.getElementById('myGame');
var game = new Hangman('myWord, div);


Tools are included to create the minified version of the script. On *nix run the bash script in the root directory, which invokes the supplied YUI-Compressor and puts a copy of the minified script in both the dist and web directories. to run it use:


If you have any problems you may need to use:

sudo ./


There is a complete working demo in the web directory. Just open the index.html file in a web browser.


There is a test suite in the test directory. The lib directory contains the JsTestDriver test runner you will need to run the tests. To run the tests:

  1. open a terminal window
  2. cd into the root directory of the Hangman repo
  3. java -jar lib/JsTestDriver-1.2.2.jar --port 9876
  4. open a browser at
  5. click the 'capture this browser' link
  6. open a new terminal window
  7. java -jar lib/JsTestDriver-1.2.2.jar --reset --config conf/jsTestDriver.conf --tests all
  8. tests will be run in the captured browser (you may capture more than one at a time if you want) and the results reported in the terminal window you ran them from
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