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#include "stdafx.h"
#pragma once
#include "CefSharp.h"
#include "WpfClientAdapter.h"
#include "ICefWebBrowser.h"
#include "ConsoleMessageEventArgs.h"
#include "RtzCountdownEvent.h"
using namespace Microsoft::Win32::SafeHandles;
using namespace System;
using namespace System::Runtime::InteropServices;
using namespace System::Windows;
using namespace System::Windows::Controls;
using namespace System::Windows::Input;
using namespace System::Windows::Interop;
using namespace System::Windows::Media;
using namespace System::Windows::Media::Imaging;
using namespace System::Windows::Threading;
using namespace System::Threading;
namespace CefSharp
[TemplatePart(Name="PART_Browser", Type=System::Windows::Controls::Image::typeid)]
public ref class CefWpfWebBrowser sealed : public ContentControl, ICefWebBrowser
bool _canGoForward;
bool _canGoBack;
bool _isLoading;
bool _shouldOpenLinksInExternalBrowser;
String^ _address;
String^ _title;
String^ _jsResult;
bool _jsError;
IBeforePopup^ _beforePopupHandler;
IBeforeResourceLoad^ _beforeResourceLoadHandler;
IBeforeMenu^ _beforeMenuHandler;
IAfterResponse^ _afterResponseHandler;
MCefRefPtr<WpfClientAdapter> _clientAdapter;
AutoResetEvent^ _runJsFinished;
RtzCountdownEvent^ _loadCompleted;
ManualResetEvent^ _browserInitialized;
Image^ _image;
Matrix _transform;
int _width, _height;
void *_buffer;
WriteableBitmap^ _bitmap;
double _contentWidth;
double _contentHeight;
bool _mouseIsDown;
CefBrowser::MouseButtonType _depressedMouseButton;
void SetCursor(SafeFileHandle^ handle);
IntPtr SourceHook(IntPtr hWnd, int message, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam, bool% handled);
void Setup(HwndSource^ source, String^ address);
virtual Size ArrangeOverride(Size size) override;
virtual void OnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnLostFocus(RoutedEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnMouseMove(System::Windows::Input::MouseEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnMouseLeave(System::Windows::Input::MouseEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnMouseWheel(MouseWheelEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnMouseDown(MouseButtonEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnMouseUp(MouseButtonEventArgs^ e) override;
virtual void OnLostMouseCapture(MouseEventArgs^ e) override;
CefWpfWebBrowser(HwndSource^ source, String^ address)
Setup(source, address);
CefWpfWebBrowser() {}
virtual void OnApplyTemplate() override;
void Load(String^ url);
void Stop();
void Back();
void Forward();
void Reload();
void Reload(bool ignoreCache);
void Print();
String^ RunScript(String^ script, String^ scriptUrl, int startLine);
String^ RunScript(String^ script, String^ scriptUrl, int startLine, int timeout);
void UpdateContentSize(double width, double height);
virtual void OnInitialized();
virtual void SetTitle(String^ title);
virtual void SetToolTip(String^ text);
virtual void SetAddress(String^ address);
virtual void SetNavState(bool isLoading, bool canGoBack, bool canGoForward);
virtual void AddFrame(CefRefPtr<CefFrame> frame);
virtual void FrameLoadComplete(CefRefPtr<CefFrame> frame);
virtual void SetJsResult(String^ result);
virtual void SetJsError();
virtual void RaiseConsoleMessage(String^ message, String^ source, int line);
virtual property IBeforePopup^ BeforePopupHandler
IBeforePopup^ get() { return _beforePopupHandler; }
void set(IBeforePopup^ handler) { _beforePopupHandler = handler; }
virtual property IBeforeResourceLoad^ BeforeResourceLoadHandler
IBeforeResourceLoad^ get() { return _beforeResourceLoadHandler; }
void set(IBeforeResourceLoad^ handler) { _beforeResourceLoadHandler = handler; }
virtual property IBeforeMenu^ BeforeMenuHandler
IBeforeMenu^ get() { return _beforeMenuHandler; }
void set(IBeforeMenu^ handler) { _beforeMenuHandler = handler; }
virtual property IAfterResponse^ AfterResponseHandler
IAfterResponse^ get() { return _afterResponseHandler; }
void set(IAfterResponse^ handler) { _afterResponseHandler = handler; }
property String^ Title
String^ get() { return _title; }
property String^ Address
String^ get() { return _address; }
property bool CanGoForward
bool get() { return _canGoForward; }
property bool CanGoBack
bool get() { return _canGoBack; }
property bool IsLoading
bool get() { return _isLoading; }
property double ContentWidth
double get() { return _contentWidth; }
property double ContentHeight
double get() { return _contentHeight; }
property double ZoomLevel
double get() {
if (!this->IsInitialized) {
return 1.0;
return _clientAdapter.get()->GetCefBrowser()->GetZoomLevel();
void set(double val) {
if (!this->IsInitialized) {
property bool IsInitialized
bool get()
return _clientAdapter.get() != nullptr && _clientAdapter->GetIsInitialized();
property bool ShouldOpenLinksInExternalBrowser
virtual bool get() { return _shouldOpenLinksInExternalBrowser; }
virtual void set(bool value) { _shouldOpenLinksInExternalBrowser = value; }
event EventHandler^ LoadFinished;
event EventHandler^ SetupFinished;
bool WaitForInitialized();
virtual event PropertyChangedEventHandler^ PropertyChanged;
// TODO: Initialized event can be subscribed by user code after actual Initialized event happens,
// so we must handle this situation and in on add event handler raise event.
// event EventHandler^ Initialized;
event ConsoleMessageEventHandler^ ConsoleMessage;
void SetCursor(CefCursorHandle cursor);
void SetBuffer(int width, int height, const CefRect& dirtyRect, const void* buffer);
void SetBitmap(WriteableBitmap^ bitmap);