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CefSharp - Embedded Chromium for .Net

This project contains .Net CLR bindings for The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) by Marshall A. Greenblatt. The bindings are written in C++/CLI but can be used from any CLR language e.g. C# or VB. See the CefTest project for an example web browser built using this library.

This project is BSD licensed.


2010/12/20 - 0.3 Released

  • Download 0.3.1 here
  • Improvements to CLR object binding (big thanks fddima)
  • Updated to CEF r152 / Chromium r69409
  • Calling CefBrowserControl.Focus() now works.
  • New API for IBeforeResourceLoad to avoid ref parameters
  • Reload() and Reload(bool ignoreCache) methods
  • Streams now closed explicitly after resource load.
  • Fix bug, Browser creation fails without registered JS objects

All feedback is welcomed gladly. Enjoy. T.

UPDATE : bounced zip to 0.3.1 to fix a build issue, now includes Debug and Release lib files.

2010/12/15 - 0.2 Released

  • Download 0.2 here
  • ISchemeHandler lets you introduce your own scheme/protocol handlers
  • JavaScript console messages are now exposed on the ConsoleMessage event
  • Basic support for binding CLR objects into the browser's window DOM object.
  • Renamed BrowserControl to CefWebBrowser, now derives from Control instead of UserControl
  • The control now checks it is initialized be accepting commands
  • Fixes including resize issues and incorrect address events.
  • New unit tests and examples.

2010/12/03 - 0.1 Released

  • Download 0.1 here
  • BrowserControl user control
  • Load, Forward, Back, Stop, Go
  • INotifyPropertyChanged notification for navigation events CanGoForward, CanGoBack etc.
  • ExecuteJavascript, works but needs polish
  • Interception of resource loading, loads from System.IO.Stream

Enough to build a poor man's web browser and call a bit of JavaScript. Coming soon, more features including the ability to bind .Net object straight into the browser's V8 JavaScript context.

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