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Extensible tool for weaving .net assemblies


Manipulating the IL of an assembly as part of a build requires a significant amount of plumbing code. This plumbing code involves knowledge of both the MSBuild and Visual Studio APIs. Fody attempts to elimination that plumbing code through an extensible add-in model.

The plumbing tasks Fody handles

  • Injection of the MSBuild task into the build pipeline
  • Resolving the location of the assembly and pdb
  • Abstracts the complexities of logging to MSBuild
  • Reads the assembly and pdb into the Mono.Cecil object model
  • Re-applying the strong name if necessary
  • Saving the assembly and pdb

Fody Uses Mono.Cecil and an add-in based approach to modifying the IL of .net assemblies at compile time.

  • No install required to build
  • No attributes required
  • No references required
  • Supports .net 3.5, .net 4, .net 4.5, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 7 and .net Metro on Windows 8
  • Supports client profile mode

Visual Studio Addin

There is a Visual Studio addin


See SampleUsage for an introduction on using Fody.


The name "Fody" comes from the small birds that belong to the weaver family Ploceidae.

Tools and Products Used


  • BasicFodyAddin A simple project meant to illustrate how to build an addin.
  • FodyAddinSamples is a single solution that contains a working copy of every fody addin.

More Info

With thanks to

Resharper from Jetbrains


TeamCity from Jetbrains



For supplying a build server