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ReactiveUI.Sample 3.0

This sample app demonstrates the Best Practices™ way to write an application using ReactiveUI 3.0. It also tries to show off as many features as possible of RxUI, while teaching the Zen of the framework.

The application itself is a WPF 4.0 application to display your Issues on GitHub, modeled after the GH Issues app for iPhone.

Annoying Note

At the moment, you must have .NET 4.5 Beta installed to run the code, and you must apply a binding redirect to your test runner for JSON.NET in order to run the tests. Both of these issues should be resolved in the near future, so this should be as simple as checking out and building any other app.

This sample is also currently using a hacked version of RxUI 3.0 for test purposes, but it will soon use RxUI 3.0.5 which will soon be on NuGet once the Rx issues around .NET 4.5 are resolved.

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