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+## ReactiveUI.Sample 3.0
+This sample app demonstrates the Best Practices™ way to write an application
+using ReactiveUI 3.0. It also tries to show off as many features as possible
+of RxUI, while teaching the Zen of the framework.
+The application itself is a WPF 4.0 application to display your Issues on
+GitHub, modeled after the GH Issues app for iPhone.
+## Annoying Note
+At the moment, you must have .NET 4.5 Beta installed to run the code, and you
+must apply a binding redirect to your test runner for JSON.NET in order to run
+the tests. Both of these issues should be resolved in the near future, so this
+should be as simple as checking out and building any other app.
+This sample is also currently using a hacked version of RxUI 3.0 for test
+purposes, but it will soon use RxUI 3.0.5 which will soon be on NuGet once the
+Rx issues around .NET 4.5 are resolved.

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