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Release Notes


This release adds minification to Sass/SCSS. Just like with JavaScript, just add .min before .css (.min.css) when referencing the file.


  • Minification for Sass/SCSS


v2.0 is a major relase and contains potentially breaking changes. Please carefully read these release notes and thoroughly test your app before upgrading.

Breaking Changes

  • Assembly structure and code layout dramatically changed. Not API compatible at all with previous versions.
  • CoffeeScript is now wrapped by default (matches CoffeeScript compiler). To request bare versions use .bare.js.
  • Caching behavior dramatically changed. Ensure IIS is configured correctly or performance will be abysmal.
  • Dropped support for Server Core editions.
  • Full Trust is now officially required (might have been before, not sure).

Core Changes

  • Switched from V8 to Window's built in JScript engine. Simplifies deployment on diverse Windows versions and x86/x64.
  • Moved caching and compression to IIS/ASP.Net
    • To modify the default cache settings, alter the SassAndCoffeeCacheSettings cache profile in web.config.
    • To enable compression, follow the directions for IIS 6 or IIS 7/7.5.


  • Upgraded to CoffeeScript 1.1.3
  • Support for bare (.bare.js) and wrapped (.js) CoffeeScript

Bug Fixes

  • General - Cache settings are now configurable in web.config (#34)
  • General - Move caching and compression to IIS/ASP.NET (#37)
  • CoffeeScript - Support wrapped and bare mode (#27)
  • CoffeeScript - Existing files are served by the StaticFileHandler in IIS (#32)
  • Combine - .combine now inserts ';' between combined files (#5 #15)
  • Combine - Switch to Windows' JScript engine (#18 #21 #23 #36)
  • Sass/SCSS - Existing files are served by the StaticFileHandler in IIS (#10)
  • Sass/SCSS - Imported files are tracked for cache invalidation (#12)

Prior versions

Release notes for these versions are not available. Please see the commit log instead.

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