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* Add a .scss or .sass file to your project. We'll use ~/Content/site.scss for this example.
* Reference that file in your page as if it were compiled CSS: `<link href="/Content/site.css" type="text/css" />`
* CSS combination can be achieved with `@import "";` directives
+* Minification works just like with JavaScript (but only for Sass/SCSS files). Just add .min to the filename before .css.
+ `<link href="/Content/site.min.css" type="text/css" />` will serve the minified version of `<link href="/Content/site.css" type="text/css" />`
* *Note*: If a file exists named ~/Content/site.css, it will be served instead of ~/Scripts/site.scss. SassAndCoffee *always* preferentially serves existing files on disk.
## What about performance?
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# Release Notes
+## v2.0.1
+This release adds minification to Sass/SCSS. Just like with JavaScript, just add .min before .css (.min.css) when referencing the file.
+### Enhancements
+* Minification for Sass/SCSS
## v2.0
v2.0 is a major relase and contains potentially breaking changes. Please carefully read these release notes and thoroughly test your app before upgrading.

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