Allow compilation of sass via string parameters instead of solely file-based sass compilation. #56

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This change allows callers to compile a sass or scss string - basically: string in, string out.

One of the reasons this would be useful, at least for us, is that we use render dynamic CSS (i.e. with ContentResult { ContentType = "text/css", Content = someGeneratedContent }). Our design team began using sass for their designs so we were looking into pulling in sass anyway, but by generating sass instead of CSS, it would be easy to merge our changes with their changes.

@drmohundro drmohundro Add methods to compile sass as string.
Don't force the caller to pass in a file, but instead allow them to
compile a sass or scss string - string in, string out.
kogir commented Jun 20, 2012

Oh, cool. I'll take a look at this when I have a moment. Kind of slammed right now with other things.

@drmohundro drmohundro closed this Sep 14, 2015
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