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This document aims to provide only an overview. Further, we've only really been tracking things since **v0.2**. For obsessive detail, just check out the `git log`.
+v0.2.7 - 2010-05-05 (the "yes, you MAY put your peanut butter in my chocolate" release)
+Found and fixed a convoluted bug that was preventing embedded Candy objects from being saved properly. (It was treating them as _non_-Candy objects, which makes the world a gray and boring place.) While I was at it, refactored some methods and chipped away at some complexity.
+**MODERATELY BREAKING CHANGE ALERT:** I've renamed the `to_mongo` and `from_mongo` methods to `to_candy` and `from_candy`. The initial reason for the _mongo_ names was for some vague semblance of compatibility with [MongoMapper](, but that doesn't make sense since we're treating serialized Candy objects completely differently and expecting them to unpack themselves. I seriously doubt anyone was using these methods yet, but just in case, now you know.
+* Fixed embedding bug on Candy objects
v0.2.6 - 2010-05-03 (the "Spanish Fly" release)
Thanks to [xpaulbettsx]( for pointing out in issue \#4 that Candy was attempting to connect to localhost prematurely.

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