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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="">
<owners>John Gozde</owners>
<summary>Official .NET bindings for ZeroMQ (x86)</summary>
<description>The clrzmq project contains .NET bindings for ØMQ (ZeroMQ), an open source, high performance transport layer. Includes a compiled version of the native libzmq library. WARNING: This package targets the x86 build platform.</description>
<tags>zeromq zmq 0mq messaging transport distributed</tags>
<file src="publish\x86\clrzmq*.dll" target="lib" />
<file src="publish\x86\*.pdb" target="lib" />
<file src="publish\x86\*.xml" target="lib" />
<file src="lib\x86\*.dll" target="content" />
<file src="nuget\install.ps1" target="tools" />
<file src="LICENSE"/>
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