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* Hello world, build system
* Simple mirror (pass all through to target)
* File-based cache
* Async worker thread saving off files
* Save off info in fd table
* Switching from net read to file read mid-file
* Bookkeeping (grok settings, set up cache directory, etc)
Milestones to 1.0
* First n*4k cache
* Save off the first 4k in a separate file, most media apps want
to just get the tags (iTunes manages to wreck this when they
scan the file for gapless playback though)
* File-based cache
* MRU algorithm when we get cache size pressure
* Add an extra level that is a hash based on the mount location,
so that our cache isn't nonsense
* Extra nonsense
* All the dumb stuff OS X needs like resource forks
* Volume icon on OS X
* GUI to set up mounts
* Write support (super hard, may do passthrough + invalidate all caches)
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