An automatic way to convert videos and put them on your iPod
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What is Yikes?

Yikes is a program that takes a source library and recreates the same library in
iPod Video format (iPod Video / iPod Touch / iPhone). It skips videos that are
already there, so you can set it up to run on a periodic basis.  

However, the much more clever use is to run in the background, and Yikes will
automatically convert files at a specified interval,  as well as publish an RSS
feed that you can subscribe to in iTunes.

So when this is all finished, you'll set Yikes to run on startup, point it at
your videos, and add http://computername.local:4000/podcast as a podcast. If you
have set up a "Season Pass"-type automatic Bittorrent download of shows, this
means that every day {The Daily Show, 30 Rock, whatever..} automatically gets
sync'ed to your {iPod, Zune, whatever}!

Gems you'll need:
  * builder
  * gettext
  * ramaze

Misc. gems you might need (building, etc):
  * RSpec
  * Rake
  * RCov
  * Pallet

To build:
	rake && rake ffmpeg 	# Takes forever, only works on Mac/Linux
	rake test    # If it works, you're good

To run:
	ruby lib/main.rb --help