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Commits on Jul 9, 2012
  1. fix typos in tutorial

Commits on Jul 8, 2012
  1. Brian Anderson
  2. Brian Anderson

    Add Ryan Scheel to AUTHORS.txt

    brson authored
  3. Brian Anderson
  4. Ryan Scheel Brian Anderson
  5. Brian Anderson
  6. Brian Anderson

    Revert "change borrowck error msg: 'declared in outer block' -> 'capt…

    brson authored
    …ured in a closure'"
    This change requires some tests to be updated.
    This reverts commit b5b8f5e.
  7. Brian Anderson
  8. Brian Anderson
  9. Brian Anderson
  10. Brian Anderson

    tutorial: Put class warning in a blockquote

    brson authored
    Style it like other such asides
  11. Tim Chevalier
  12. Tim Chevalier

    Merge pull request #2838 from gwillen/tutorial-class

    catamorphism authored
    tutorial: add classes
  13. gwillen
  14. Brian Anderson
  15. Kevin Cantu Brian Anderson

    Add improvements suggested by erickt and bblum

    killerswan authored brson committed
  16. Kevin Cantu Brian Anderson

    Add the Alioth chameneos-redux benchmark

    killerswan authored brson committed
    This adds a Rust implementation of the Alioth chameneos-redux benchmark:
    This version already seems faster than Clojure, Ruby, and OCaml. I'm running
    with N=6,000,000 in about 1m 50s.  Further optimization would be good, though.
    I'm talking right now with @eholk about how pipes could be used (this is 1:many)...
  17. Brian Anderson

    tutorial: Cleanup

    brson authored
  18. Brian Anderson
  19. Brian Anderson

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'ben0x539/incoming'

    brson authored
  20. Brian Anderson

    tutorial: Typo

    brson authored
  21. Brian Anderson
  22. Brian Anderson
  23. Brian Anderson
Commits on Jul 7, 2012
  1. Brian Anderson

    tutorial: Pointer cleanup

    brson authored
  2. Brian Anderson
  3. Brian Anderson

    tutorial: Reorder sections around the memory model discussion

    brson authored
    Also some minor tweaks.
  4. Brian Anderson
  5. Brian Anderson
  6. Brian Anderson
  7. Brian Anderson
  8. Niko Matsakis

    Revert "rustc: Switch to the new resolution pass"

    nikomatsakis authored
    This reverts commit c4af6e9.
    Branch was burning...many, many unresolved imports.
  9. Ben Blum
  10. Ben Blum
  11. Patrick Walton
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