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Convert any number of sass files to stylus files in a ruby script or on the command line. If you're looking for an online option, you should use This project is essentially an all-ruby version of @mojotech's work meant to be used on the command line.


To use Sass2Stylus as a command line utility, install the gem:

$ gem install sass2stylus

To use in your ruby project, add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'sass2stylus'

And then install with your other dependencies:

$ bundle install


$ sass2stylus sass/folder/**/*.scss stylus/folder

First argument is a glob-formatted pattern which explains where the sass files are. These can be .sass or .scss files. Use the ** pattern to recursively search a directory for sass files.

The second argument is a folder where you'd like to dump the generated stylus files. Note The folder structure of the sass folder will be preserved in the stylus folder.

Usage in Ruby Project

To use this gem in a ruby project, just import it and set up a new instance of the Sass2stylus::Utilities class and pass a blob of sass files into stylus by calling:

require 'sass2stylus'
s2s =
s2s.batch(Pathname.pwd, '**/*.scss', 'stylus')

Pass in the base directory, the path to the sass files, and the relative path to the folder you'd like to use for output. (If you supply a folder that doesn't exist, the script will make it for you.)


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