A Lua to ES6 transpiler.
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A Lua to ECMAScript 6 translator. http://starlight.paulcuth.me.uk

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Using Starlight

For usage and examples please visit the Starlight documentation: http://starlight.paulcuth.me.uk/docs

Building Starlight

Checkout the repo and install dependencies:

git clone git@github.com:paulcuth/starlight.git
cd starlight
npm install

Build the browser-lib

To use Starlight to parse Lua script tags in the browser, build the browser-lib:

grunt browser-lib

This will create dist/bowser-lib/starlight.js along with example usage in the same folder.

Build the Grunt plugin

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To use Starlight to translate Lua to ES6 as part of the build pipeline, build the Grunt plugin:

grunt grunt-plugin

This will create the plugin in the dist/build-tools/grunt-starlight directory and also copy it to the project's node_modules directory.

Get involved

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/paulcuth/starlight

Please feel free to ask anything about the project on the Gitter channel. Any pull requests for bugfixes, feature suggestions, etc. are gratefully appreciated.

Any work on the parser or the runtime will require a default build. Note that for this to run, you'll need to have the Grunt plugin installed using grunt grunt-plugin.