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logstash Omnibus project

This project creates full-stack platform-specific packages for logstash!

It installs the following apps and the support libraries and start/stop scripts for

  • logstash
  • elasticsearch
  • redis
  • kibana3

Control scripts

  • Start - /opt/logstash/bin/start
  • Status - /opt/logstash/bin/status
  • Stop - /opt/logstash/bin/stop


config files all found in /opt/logstash/etc

individual init scripts found in /opt/logstash/service

Logstash will by default via /opt/logstash/etc/logstash.d/ do

  • read local syslog files,
  • listen to TCP:514 for syslog messages,
  • subscribe to local redis server,
  • attempt to parse syslog messages,
  • output to elasticsearch

Using the logstash omnibus packages

I have prebuilt some Packages which can be used as below.

CentOS 6.x 64bit

_current omnibus building fails on CentOS ... will fix.

rpm -Uhv logstash-omnibus-1.1.10.el6.x86_64.rpm

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit

dpkg -i logstash-omnibus-1.1.10_amd64.deb

Start Processes

sudo /opt/logstash/bin/start

Send some fake logs

via netcat

echo `date +"%b %e %T"` `hostname` foo[666]: some random text | nc localhost 514

or if you don't have netcat installed

echo `date +"%b %e %T"` `hostname` foo[666]: some random text >> /var/log/syslog

Search your logs

open your web browser and browse to

Kibana3 - http://localhost

Building the logstash omnibus packages


We'll assume you have Ruby 1.9+ and Bundler installed. First ensure all required gems are installed and ready to use:

bundle install --binstubs



ubuntu 12.x + bugfix

sudo apt-get -y install libncurses5-dev

You create a platform-specific package using the build project command:

bin/omnibus build project logstash-src

The platform/architecture type of the package created will match the platform where the build project command is invoked. So running this command on say a MacBook Pro will generate a Mac OS X specific package. After the build completes packages will be available in pkg/.

builds and installs into /opt/logstash

  • logstash
  • kibana
  • redis
  • elasticsearch
  • jre
  • a bunch of dependencies


You can clean up all temporary files generated during the build process with the clean command:

bin/omnibus clean

Adding the --purge purge option removes ALL files generated during the build including the project install directory (/opt/logstash) and the package cache directory (/var/cache/omnibus/pkg):

bin/omnibus clean --purge


Full help for the Omnibus command line interface can be accessed with the help command:

bin/omnibus help

Vagrant-based Virtualized Build Lab

Every Omnibus project ships will a project-specific Berksfile and Vagrantfile that will allow you to build your projects on the following platforms:

  • CentOS 5 64-bit
  • CentOS 6 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit

Please note this build-lab is only meant to get you up and running quickly; there's nothing inherent in Omnibus that restricts you to just building CentOS or Ubuntu packages. See the Vagrantfile to add new platforms to your build lab.

The only requirements for standing up this virtualized build lab are:

The vagrant-berkshelf and vagrant-omnibus Vagrant plugins are also required and can be installed easily with the following commands:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus

Once the pre-requisites are installed you can build your package across all platforms with the following command:

$ vagrant up

If you would like to build a package for a single platform the command looks like this:

$ vagrant up PLATFORM

The complete list of valid platform names can be viewed with the vagrant status command.

If vagrant fails to build ... provision a few times

vagrant provision PLATFORM

if its still failing log in and clean up and try again

sudo bash
cd /home/vagrant/omnibus-logstash
bin/omnibus clean logstash
rm -rf /opt/logstash
bin/omnibus build project logstash