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#Agorava Core

##Introduction Agorava Provides CDI Beans and extensions to interact with major social network (SN).

Agorava core contains SN independant services like

  • OAuth connectors to authentify with an OAuth providers
  • Support for generic Authentication and user profile
  • Support for multi-account (multi SN and multi session for the same SN)

Core also contains provides implemntations for these service. The only implementation is based on CDI right now.

##CDI implementation It is independent of CDI implementation and fully portable between Java EE 6 and Servlet environments enhanced with CDI. It can be also used with CDI in JSE (desktop application). It is build on top of scribe-java from fernandezpablo85

For more information, see the Agorava Website.

##Building Agorava core relies on Agorava Parent so you should have intalled this resource to your local maven repo (Agorava is not availbale in a public maven repo yet). After that you can build (and install in your local maven repo) Agorava Core with the following command

mvn clean install

##Usage You'll need at least one SN module to use Agorava. Right now there's only one module for Twitter