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//! # Monkey Rust
//! This is an implementation of Thorsten Ball's Monkey programming language from his excellent book
//! [Writing An Interpreter in Go]( I ([pauldix](
//! built it as a fun way to learn the basics of Rust. An interpreter is great for this because you
//! only use the standard library and don't yet have to worry about threads, network programming
//! or a bunch of other complicated stuff. I attempted to keep the structure as close to
//! Thorsten's Go implementation as possible, which means it might not be the best way to
//! structure things in Rust (I'm still learning). Although I did pull in a few Rust idioms like
//! results and error handling. I've written up more details on my learning process, some open
//! questions, and other stuff at [](
//! This is split out into a library and an executable that provides a REPL for the language.
//! Here's a short example for parsing and executing a monkey program using the library:
//! ```rust
//! use monkey::parser;
//! use monkey::evaluator;
//! use monkey::object::Environment;
//! use std::cell::RefCell;
//! use std::rc::Rc;
//! let input = r#" let hi = "hello world"; puts(hi); "#;
//! let mut env = Rc::new(RefCell::new(Environment::new()));
//! match parser::parse(input) {
//! Ok(node) => {
//! evaluator::eval(&node, env); // maybe do something on error
//! (())
//! }
//! Err(_parse_errors) => (()) // maybe actually do something here
//! }
//! ```
mod token;
mod ast;
pub mod object;
pub mod lexer;
pub mod repl;
pub mod parser;
pub mod evaluator;
pub mod code;
pub mod compiler;
pub mod vm;