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added some notes to lesson 5

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@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@
# that was a lot of data to load. also in memory
# so we should be multi-threaded and not multi-process
+# could keep the dictionary in redis
# with knn we need all training data loaded. how to limit this?
# option 1: only load recent posts. bring domain knowledge to it. we know
@@ -42,4 +44,12 @@
# fetch those posts and run knn on them vs the unknown.
# refinement: order the tag to post id index by post popularity/time
# only look at the 100 posts close. still needs to be fast.
-# probably want an evented server, plus threads for the calcs.
+# probably want an evented server, plus threads for the calcs.
+# option 3: more domain knowledge: if the user is posting a question, there's a
+# good chance they've been browsing related questions on the site recently.
+# make a first pass at guessing the tags to those posts.
+# bring tag recommender into production with a service
+# looked at issues regarding memory use and performance
+# there could be many other refinements
+# next lesson we'll look at how to test refinments with real users

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