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Removed useless functions 'get-connection' and 'release-connection'.

Renamed 'bind-connection' 'bind?' to reflect the boolean response.
Corrected documentation.
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1 parent 2878d96 commit 3b54fc38bfc092f3dc8c9e4bcbaaabe3039f532e Paul Dorman committed Apr 1, 2011
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  1. +21 −23 src/clj_ldap/client.clj
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@
(:import [com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.extensions
- PasswordModifyExtendedRequest])
+ PasswordModifyExtendedRequest
+ PasswordModifyExtendedResult])
(:import [com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.controls
@@ -323,26 +324,23 @@
(connect-to-hosts options)
(connect-to-host options))))
-(defn get-connection
- "Retrieves an LDAP connection from the pool."
- [connection-pool]
- (.getConnection connection-pool))
-(defn release-connection
- "Releases the provided connection back to the pool."
- [connection-pool connection]
- (.releaseConnection connection-pool connection))
-(defn bind-connection
- "Performs a bind operation using the provided connection and optional
- credentials. If called with a connection pool, the connection used
- for the bind request is returned to the pool after the server response.
- If called with an LDAP connection, and the bind request is successful,
- it will change the identity of that connection."
- [connection bind-dn password]
- (try
- ((.bind connection bind-dn password) true)
- (catch Exception _ false)))
+(defn bind?
+ "Performs a bind operation using the provided connection, bindDN and
+password. Returns true if successful.
+When an LDAP connection object is used as the connection argument the
+bind? function will attempt to change the identity of that connection
+to that of the provided DN. Subsequent operations on that connection
+will be done using the bound identity.
+If an LDAP connection pool object is passed as the connection argument
+the bind attempt will have no side-effects, leaving the state of the
+underlying connections unchanged."
+ [connection bind-dn password]
+ (try
+ (let [bind-result (.bind connection bind-dn password)]
+ (if (= ResultCode/SUCCESS (.getResultCode bind-result)) true false))
+ (catch Exception _ false)))
(defn get
"If successful, returns a map containing the entry for the given DN.
@@ -409,8 +407,8 @@ returned either before or after the modifications have taken place."
(let [request (PasswordModifyExtendedRequest. old new)]
(.processExtendedOperation connection request)))
- ([connection dn old new]
- (let [request (PasswordModifyExtendedRequest. dn old new)]
+ ([connection old new dn]
+ (let [request (PasswordModifyExtendedRequest. dn old new)]
(.processExtendedOperation connection request))))
(defn delete

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