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Emacs plugin for automatic time tracking and metrics generated from your programming activity.
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Emacs Minor Mode for ActivityWatch


activity-watch-mode is an automatic time tracking extension for Emacs using ActivityWatch.


Heads Up! ActivityWatch depends on request.el and Projectile being installed to work correctly.

  1. Install activity-watch-mode for Emacs using MELPA.

  2. Add (global-activity-watch-mode) to your init.el file, then restart Emacs.

  3. Use Emacs with activity-watch-mode turned on and your time will be tracked for you automatically.

  4. Visit http://localhost:5600 to see your logged time.


Enable ActivityWatch for the current buffer by invoking M-x activity-watch-mode. If you wish to activate it globally, run M-x global-activity-watch-mode.


Set variable activity-watch-api-host to your activity watch local instance (default to http://localhost:5600).


This mode is based of the wakatime-mode.

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