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Fast and Efficient Testing

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+# Fast and Efficient Testing
+We are really passionate about testing at Hashrocket. We test drive all our
+development and although that produces fantastic results, running and
+interacting with the test suite can sometimes really slow you down. As the
+suite gets larger, it inevitably becomes considerably slower and sometimes to
+the point that you just don't want to execute it anymore. Between slow boot
+times, context switching between your editor and terminal, and just a large
+number of scenarios, it can be very frustrating!
+It is a blessing and a curse that large and complex test suites are a way of
+life for many of us as our community and projects mature. To mitigate these
+problems, we leverage some tools and procedures to keep the interruption of the
+test suite to a minimum. I want to share with you what we've done to keep our
+test suites running fast and what you can do to start taking back control of
+yours. Everyone on the team should be able to run the suite at any time and it
+shouldn't consume their whole day!
+In this talk, we'll discuss the different aspects of test suites that are
+most problematic. I'll show you what tools we leverage to make things as fast
+as possible without compromising the thoroughness of the testing. You'll be
+able to take the lessons learned here back to your project and spend less
+time running your tests today!
+## Paul Elliott
+Paul is a Rocketeer at Hashrocket where he consults on and develops projects
+for external clients. He loves TDD, vim, motorcycles, and long walks on the
+gorgeous beach outside the office. He co-hosts the Ruby5 podcast and authored
+the Fabrication object generation gem.
+![Profile picture](
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](!/p_elliott)
+- [Past talk slides](
+- [Past talk video](
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