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Implementing the factory pattern in Ruby so you don't have to.
Ruby Cucumber HTML
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features Lazily load classes at fabricate time
gemfiles Add mongoid 5 to appraisals
lib Version 2.14.1
spec Add mongoid 5 to appraisals
.gitignore Add .un~ to .gitignore
.projections.json Add .projections.json with fabricator command
.ruby-version Bump ruby version to 2.2.3
.travis.yml Add mongoid 5 to appraisals
Appraisals Add mongoid 5 to appraisals squash into cucumber commit
Changelog.markdown Version 2.14.1
Gemfile Upgrade to rspec 3 with bundle update
Gemfile.lock Bundle update
LICENSE Change license to MIT
README.markdown Upgrade dev environment to 2.1.1
Rakefile Switch to a regular symbol array in Rakefile
fabrication.gemspec Update summary and email in gemspec


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