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  • Add preliminary support for Mongoid 4.


  • Add preliminary support for ActiveRecord 4 models.


  • Only run validation callbacks when creating. Calling will now only run after_build and the deprecation warning on that callback has been removed.


  • Use activemodel style callbacks. The old after_build callback is equivalent to the new before_validation. See documentation for a full list.


  • Make transient attributes available in callbacks (Issue #143)
  • Fix build parameters for mongoid 2.x line (Issue #144)


  • Remove try from Schematic::Manager. Some ruby versions were having issues with this (Issue #141)


  • Improve error explanation for MisplacedFabricateError


  • Fix bug where strings used in :from attribute would not resolve correctly


  • Add support for Keymaker
  • Evaluate Fabricator blocks against BasicObject to prevent method collisions (#124)


  • Improve handling of sequel associations (#123)


  • Remove handling and deprecation warning for "!" association suffix
  • Rely on presence of :count option when building associations (#127)
  • Add support for overriding the global sequence default
  • Improve build flag handling when generating object graphs (#119)


  • Allow setting of protected attributes in sequel models


  • Only build when association is has_many or equivalent


  • Improve ORM support for default fabricators (build instead of create)
  • Evenly space generated Fabricator attribute values


  • Add Rails engine support via the path_prefix config option


  • Add initialize_with option to Fabricators


  • Fix accidental dependency on ActiveSupport (extract_options!)


  • Bypass mass assignment protection for AR and Mongoid (Issue #108)


  • Fix a bug where empty fabricators that extend each other didn't clone properly



  • Remove lazy generation of associations
  • Set attributes via mass assignment
  • Deprecate "!" option to attribute values
  • Pass attributes hash into blocks
  • Cascade to associations (#68)
  • lots of internal API refactoring
  • Support for transient attributes (#99)
  • Maintain integrity of association proxies (#28)
  • Change fabricator_dir config to fabricator_path
  • Record both singular and collection objects in step defs (#97)
  • Raise meaningful errors when cucumber steps can't find fabricators (#101)
  • Rails generator creates fabricator file correctly for namespaced classes (#47)

Upgrade Guide:


  • Check for nil objects when generating ids for hashes
  • Add support for make suffixes


  • Add DataMapper support (thanks to Matt Beetle!)
  • Better class resolution
  • Handle mongoid dynamic fields
  • Use id fields in attribute hashes


  • Fixed module declaration for turnip steps generator
  • Raise an error when fabricating while initializing


  • Drop support for ruby 1.8
  • Add Fabrication Transforms
  • Optional machinist (.make) syntax support
  • Add generated turnip steps
  • Fabricator aliases


  • Remove use of ivars in fabrication cucumber steps. IMPORTANT: Replace "@whatver" in your custom steps with "fabrications[:whatever]"
  • Sequences will now remember and reuse the last block passed in.


  • Sequences no longer require a name
  • Add support for mongoid dynamic fields


  • Bugfix: Sequel models do not save correctly
  • Add database verification cucumber step
  • Add :fabricator option for associations


  • New shorthand syntax for sequences
  • Configuration for fabrication directory location
  • Fabricator file loading enhancements
  • (bugfix) only call after_create when save is performed
  • Reworking of fabrication steps (run generate to get the updates)

0.9.5 (01/17/2010)

  • Refactor cucumber step support code
  • Add default object construction cucumber step (hakanensari)

NOTE: Be sure to run rails generate fabrication:cucumber_steps after upgrading!

0.9.4 (12/02/2010)

  • Bundle cucumber steps with gem (installable via a generator)

0.9.3 - The Les/Tim release (12/01/2010)

  • Fail with an error when Fabricating an object fails validation
  • Allow mixed use of strings and symbols for attribute names

0.9.2 (11/24/2010)

  • Bugfix: Overrides should respect defined attribute generation order

0.9.1 (11/21/2010)

  • Bugfix: respect fabricator provided attributes when generating with attributes_for
  • Basic support for Sequel
  • Refactoring of generator logic
  • Singularize generated fabricator names

0.9.0 (10/07/2010)

  • Bugfix: callbacks are copied to the local override (leshill and sandro)
  • Support for classes with required arguments in their constructor (leshill and sandro)

0.8.3 (09/30/2010)

  • Bugfix: Non-association virtual attributes were being generated lazily
  • Change generated fabricators to have _fabricator in the name
  • Change default folder for generated fabricators to spec/fabricators
  • Minor tweaks

0.8.2 (09/28/2010)

  • yanked...

0.8.1 (09/14/2010)

  • Bugfix: UnknownFabricatorError not loaded if it is the first error encountered

0.8.0 (09/13/2010)

  • Stacking callbacks (all defined after_build and after_create callbacks will execute)
  • Rails 3 generators

0.7.1 (09/12/2010)

  • Looks for Rails root when searching for Fabricators
  • Remove default fabricators. All definitions must be explicit!

0.7.0 (09/08/2010)

  • Abbreviated association syntax
  • Bugfix: generating with count of 1
  • Reimplement attributes_for for full schematic support

0.6.4 (08/23/2010)

  • Accompany errors with helpful messages

0.6.3 (08/18/2010)

  • Add support for reloading fabricator definitions
  • Fix rails 2 console reload! issue
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