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Commits on Apr 20, 2012
  1. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4138 from Jimmerz28/master

    toddparker committed
    Search Docs Typo [1.1.1.]
  2. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4140 from MauriceG/patch-56

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Remove data-iconpos="notext" from Collapsible as it seems not really applicable [1.1.1]
  3. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4144 from MauriceG/patch-58

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Fix typo at return value examples of path.get() (api/methods) [1.1.1]
  4. @MauriceG
  5. @Wilto

    Ensures that phrasing content in button elements is carried over to e…

    Wilto committed
    …nhanced version, but html-like values (containing <>) set on button elements don’t generate broken markup within enhanced buttons.
  6. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4141 from MauriceG/patch-57

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Suggestion for explaining $.mobile.path.get() method (api/methods) [1.1.1]
  7. @johnbender
  8. @Wilto
  9. @Wilto
  10. Add a class while the TO page is being set up for show (block display…

    scottjehl committed
    …, focus, scrolling, setting height) called ui-page-pre-in. This class sets the opacity of the TO page to 0 during this momentary process, which at least in my testing, prevents fixed toolbars and pages from flickering during transitions when fixed toolbars are used in a web app mode in iOS (not Safari, but native webview). Fade transition is particularly improved. Addresses, but perhaps doesn't completely fix Issue #4024
  11. @MauriceG
  12. @johnbender
  13. @MauriceG
  14. @Jimmerz28
  15. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #4131 from gabrielschulhof/unit-test-for-dialog-do…

    gseguin committed
    [unit tests] Add unit test for dialog double hash fix -- Re: #2656
  16. @gabrielschulhof
  17. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4120 from MauriceG/patch-47

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Typos  the the := the  +  to to := to (docs-headers) [1.1.1]
  18. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4121 from MauriceG/patch-48

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Removing data-position="inline" from the code description (docs-header) [1.1.1]
  19. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4123 from MauriceG/patch-50

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Typo be be := be (docs-footers) [1.1.1]
  20. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4124 from MauriceG/patch-51

    toddparker committed
    Docs: Change the paragraph about comparing footer and header (docs-footers) [1.1.1]
  21. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #4126 from MauriceG/patch-52

    toddparker committed
    Docs: The example shows a mini-button, the example code does not (docs-headers) [docs 1.1.1]
  22. @gseguin
  23. @gseguin

    Added a test for #4116

    gseguin committed
  24. @gseguin

    Fixes #4116

    gseguin committed
    Trigger "expand" on expanded-by-default collapsibles at init time
Commits on Apr 19, 2012
  1. @MauriceG
  2. @MauriceG
  3. @MauriceG
  4. @MauriceG
  5. @MauriceG
  6. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #4117 from gabrielschulhof/fix-dialog-double-hash-…

    gseguin committed
    Fix dialog double hash try2
  7. @gabrielschulhof

    [navigation] Do not change hash nor add history entry when displaying…

    gabrielschulhof committed
    … a dialog at a history entry that already has dialogHashKey -- Fixes: #2656
  8. @gabrielschulhof

    [navigation] Keep urlHistory in sync with browser history even when m…

    gabrielschulhof committed
    …oving to/from a #&ui-state=dialog link via Back/Forward buttons
  9. @gseguin
  10. @gseguin
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. @toddparker
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