Small chat project for learning NodeJS, and MongoDB
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Small chat project for learning NodeJS, and MongoDB

This project was made to run in Cloud9 (

Installation (in cloud9)

  • Create an new Blank Ubuntu workspace.

  • Install NodeJs, npm and MongoDB:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install nodejs npm mongodb-org
    • Don't update node and npm in cloud9 environment. Go with the default versions downloaded.
  • Clone this project contents into the workspace root:

    git clone ~/workspace
  • Install node dependencies:

    cd ~/workspace/iochat
    npm install
  • Create mongoDB data directory:

    mkdir ~/workspace/data

Running the chat

Run the script files and from the workspace root folder. The mongoDB port is hardcoded in the variable strMongoHost in iochat/server.js, you might need to change it (check mongoDB server log output to find the port number).

Head to the url provided by the node server script to open the chat.