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Static analyzer for dynamics of Automata Networks
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Pint - Static analyzer for dynamics of Automata Networks

PyPI version

Distributed under CeCCIL licence.

See for installation instructions from binary packages and docker image.

Installation from sources

Runtime requirements

  • clingo is required by pint-reach and ph2thomas.
  • mole is required by pint-mole.

You can use the script pint_install_deps to install runtime dependencies.

Compilation requirements

Notes on libRmath requirement

Pint requires the libRmath standalone library for the stochastic simulation and parameters inference from time interval specifications. You can disable this functionnality with the following command:

$ python --disable-R

Most distributions provide a libRmath package (or include the library in the R package).

If you compile R from sources, after the configure step:

(from R source directory)
$ cd src/nmath/standalone
$ make shared
$ sudo make install


In the root directory of sources:

$ python --enable-R


$ python --disable-R


$ make

If you installed libRmath in a custom location, use CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables to indicate it:

LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include make


Add <Pint source directory>/bin to your $PATH environment variable.

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