Angular directive for conditional includes based on media queries
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Sometimes css isn't quite enough to get that sweet responsive site working perfectly. Responsive Markup is an approach to adapting the HTML markup of your page based on Media Queries.

A good indicator for using this pattern is when your css shows and hides content based on breakpoints, a common example would be off-page mobile navigation.

angular-responsive-include is a directive I've created to provide an elegant way to follow the Responsive Markup pattern in your Angularjs apps.


Angularjs v1.2.x


Use this drective as a replacement for ng-include.

This directive will check a media query to determine if the content should be rendered. It will also trigger when the screen is resized and breakpoints are met.

  <div class="small include">
    <ng-include-resp src="'/views/small.html'" is-default mq="(max-width:899px)"></ng-include-resp>
  <div class="large include">
    <ng-include-resp src="'/views/large.html'" mq="(min-width:900px)"></ng-include-resp>


  • src the template to include
  • mq the media query that must match to trigger the include
  • is-default if media queries are not supported (IE8) then this template will be included regardless


coming soon ...