Change from Asual LESS compiler? #41

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cplim commented Nov 20, 2012


Is there a reason why there was a move away from the Asual LESS compiler to the LessCss-java compiler? Comparing v1.3.0 of both compilers, the Asual version seems to be twice as fast as the other one.



Asual LESS compiler was not updated to 1.3.0 for a long time after it was available. This and it was hosted on their own maven repository which caused problems for several people.

The good news is version 1.3.1 should be faster, especially for bigger projects

jako512 commented Feb 11, 2013

Unfortunately lesscss-java project seems to be abandoned in contrast to assual lesscss-engine which updated to 1.3.3 recently and also has consistent versioning with less.js

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