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Vad1mo commented Dec 28, 2012


I starting to use twitter bootstrap with less and I found 3 different grails Plugins for less.

  1. less-resources (recommended by twitter-bootstrap Plugin team)
  2. lesscss
  3. lesscss-resources (this one! based on 2 + resourcess)

I would like to know what is the difference between Plugin 1 and 3. Is Plugin 3 compatible with twitter-bootstrap Plugin? What is the reason there are 2 Plugins doing the same?

I posted almost the same question to less-resources team groovydev/less-grails-plugin#7



less-resources is custom built for the twitter-bootstrap plugin.

This plugin uses standard implementations, and although it works with twitter-bootstap, I do not know if it works with the twitter-bootstap grails plugin.

Vad1mo commented Jan 22, 2013

I now checked out both plugins and as far as I can see observing the results and the code they are pretty much the same. Both work with the twitter bootstrap plugin. (With a lot of limitations! e.g. A reference like @import bootstrap.less is not allowed/fails because file can't be found )

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