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from collections import defaultdict
from agent import Agent
def amplify_reliability(A):
return Ensemble((A, A, A))
def unzip(xs):
xs = tuple(xs)
return tuple(tuple(x[i] for x in xs) for i in range(len(xs[0])))
def dialog(agents, initial_message):
agents = list(agents)
N = len(agents)
to = ["(You are {}. Once you have decided, say 'done'.)\n{}".format(i, initial_message) for i in range(N)]
done = [False for i in range(N)]
while not all(done):
for i in range(N):
if not done[i]:
message, agents[i] = agents[i].act(to[i])
to[i] = ""
if message == "done":
done[i] = True
message = "{} says: {}".format(i, message)
for j in range(N):
to[j] = "{}\n{}".format(to[j], message) if to[j] else message
return tuple(agents)
def run_election(votes):
vote_counts = defaultdict(lambda : 0)
for vote in votes:
for v in vote.split(","):
vote_counts[int(v)] += 1
except ValueError:
winner = None
best_count = -1
for option, vote_count in vote_counts.items():
if vote_count > best_count:
best_count = vote_count
winner = option
return winner
class Ensemble(Agent):
def __init__(self, agents):
self.agents = agents
def act(self, observation):
agents = self.agents
intro = (
"Discuss amongst yourselves and decide what you want to do. "
"The next observation will be displayed after this."
intro += "\n\n{}".format(observation)
agents = dialog(agents, intro)
actions, agents = unzip(agent.act("what action do you propose?") for agent in agents)
vote_query = (
"which of these proposals do you approve of? "
"enter the numbers one by one, separated by commas"
summary = "\n".join("{} proposes: {}".format(i, action) for i, action in enumerate(actions))
message = "{}\n\n{}".format(vote_query, summary)
votes, agents = unzip(agent.act(message) for agent in agents)
pick = run_election(votes)
_, agents = unzip(agent.act("action {} won (just say 'OK')".format(pick)) for agent in agents)
return actions[pick], Ensemble(agents)
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