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To get: (hopefully) go get

To start REPL: with mongod running locally, run repl


  • view X ("view x"): View the variable with name X.
  • ask Q ("ask what is 3 + 4?"): Ask the question Q. There are two return values: the response itself, and "@C", where C is a channel that can be used for follow-up questions.
  • reply A ("reply 7"): Send the message A to your parent process.
  • delete X ("delete x"): Delete the variable named X. If there are no remaining references to that term, the GC can free it. This is especially important for closing channels.
  • replace N X ("replace 6 the answer to the question is [A]"): Replaces output #N with X, removing all of the subsequent inputs and outputs.
  • correct N ("correct 7"): Remove the rule that produced input N, and prompt the user for a new command to be used instead.
  • ask@C Q ("ask@y how reliable is that answer?"): Send the message Q to the channel bound to C. Note that this won't change the state of channel C---instead it will return a new channel. If the message Q is sent to channel C again, it will generally receive the same response.

Input format:

  • Integer literals are entered as: 7
  • String literals are entered as: "asdf"
  • Variables are entered as: x (or #x)
  • A compound expression is a sequence of words, interspersed with subexpressions.
  • A variable name, quoted string, or integer will automatically be interpreted as a subexpression. A compound expression can be enclosed in [] or () to be made into a subexpression.


  • What is the sum of squares of the elements of [the list with first element 7 and second element [the length of "hello"]]?
  • What is the list formed by repeating each element of x 4 times?


Essentially nothing will work out of the box; all information about how to answer queries is stored in the mongo instance.

If you press [up] while entering input, you may receive suggested replacements for the most recent output.

The current version is a rough prototype. Contributions are likely to be discarded.