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App for playing one night ultimate werewolf
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Usage: python player1,player2,...,playerN role1,role2,...,roleM [slack]

E.g. python alice,bob,charlie robber,apprenticeseer,seer,werewolf,dreamwolf,troublemaker

Starts a game with the indicated players and roles.

The players should be listed in either clockwise or counterclockwise order (for purpose of village idiot, and passing around computer)

If slack argument is present, deliver night messages over slack for any players whose name is the first name of a user in the slack workspace (you need to follow instructions below to set it up)

All night actions are randomized. This results in a few material changes to the game. (Many decisions were basically random anyway):

  • Seer looks in middle 50% of the time
  • Witch takes suspicious roles for herself 50% of the time
  • PI and medium always look at first role, look at second role 50% of the time
  • Village idiot doesn't rotate 20% of the time
  • Troublemaker, robber, and witch always act
  • No one can make choices based on village idiot affecting nearby locations
  • Village idiot can't choose direction based on shield
  • Curator marks a revealed player with the same probability as other players
  • Doppelganger troublemaker switches troublemaker with typical probability
  • Doppelganger revealer reveals the revealer with typical probability
  • Doppelganger curator marks the curator with typical probability
  • Doppelganger witch never switches the witch
  • Doppelganger robber never robs the robber
  • Doppelganger PI never looks at the PI

This app also implements some new roles:

  • Lucdiwolf: like dreamwolf but sees a center card
  • Medium: like PI but looks in the center
  • Fool: like drunk, but views two cards they didn't pick
  • Madseer: sees two players' roles. But one of them is made up randomly.
  • Loverwolf/Loverewerewolf: normal wolf or villager. Sees the other lovers. Is scored as if other lovers are on their team.
  • Merlin: sees all wolves. Villagers lose if all wolves vote for them.
  • Trickster: exchanges a random player's card with a random middle card. Doesn't learn which player or card, only which role.
  • Imposter: is seen as a werewolf.
  • God/enemy of reason: sees everything that happens. Do whatever you want with that.

Note that you can have multiple copies of a role, who will act in a random order.

Instructions to set up slack:

  • Go to https://<slackdomain>
  • Make a bot by clicking Add Configuration, and download the corresponding token
  • Create a new file in this directory, with the single line slack_token = "..."
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