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inferring sql queries from plain-text questions about tables
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Infer SQL queries from plain-text questions and table headers.


  • install docker
  • install curl
  • Make sure docker allows at least 3GB of RAM (see Docker>Preferences>Advanced or equivalent)


This wraps up a published pretrained model for Sqlova (

Fetch and start sqlova running as an api server on port 5050:

docker run --name sqlova -d -p 5050:5050 paulfitz/sqlova

Be patient, the image is about 4.2GB. Once it is running, it'll take a few seconds to load models and then you can start asking questions about CSV tables. For example:

curl -F "csv=@bridges.csv" -F "q=how long is throgs neck" localhost:5050
# {"answer":[1800],"params":["throgs neck"],"sql":"SELECT (length) FROM bridges WHERE bridge = ?"}

This is using the sample bridges.csv included in this repo.

bridge designer length
Brooklyn J. A. Roebling 1595
Manhattan G. Lindenthal 1470
Williamsburg L. L. Buck 1600
Queensborough Palmer & Hornbostel 1182
Triborough O. H. Ammann 1380,383
Bronx Whitestone O. H. Ammann 2300
Throgs Neck O. H. Ammann 1800
George Washington O. H. Ammann 3500

Here are some examples of the answers and sql inferred for plain-text questions about this table:

question answer sql
how long is throgs neck 1800 SELECT (length) FROM bridges WHERE bridge = ? ['throgs neck']
who designed the george washington O. H. Ammann SELECT (designer) FROM bridges WHERE bridge = ? ['george washington']
how many bridges are there 8 SELECT count(bridge) FROM bridges
how many bridges are designed by O. H. Ammann 4 SELECT count(bridge) FROM bridges WHERE designer = ? ['O. H. Ammann']
which bridge are longer than 2000 Bronx Whitestone, George Washington SELECT (bridge) FROM bridges WHERE length > ? ['2000']
how many bridges are longer than 2000 2 SELECT count(bridge) FROM bridges WHERE length > ? ['2000']
what is the shortest length 1182 SELECT min(length) FROM bridges

With the players.csv sample from WikiSQL:

Player No. Nationality Position Years in Toronto School/Club Team
Antonio Lang 21 United States Guard-Forward 1999-2000 Duke
Voshon Lenard 2 United States Guard 2002-03 Minnesota
Martin Lewis 32, 44 United States Guard-Forward 1996-97 Butler CC (KS)
Brad Lohaus 33 United States Forward-Center 1996 Iowa
Art Long 42 United States Forward-Center 2002-03 Cincinnati
John Long 25 United States Guard 1996-97 Detroit
Kyle Lowry 3 United States Guard 2012-present Villanova
question answer sql
What number did the person playing for Duke wear? 21 SELECT (No.) FROM players WHERE School/Club Team = ? ['duke']
Who is the player that wears number 42? Art Long SELECT (Player) FROM players WHERE No. = ? ['42']
What year did Brad Lohaus play? 1996 SELECT (Years in Toronto) FROM players WHERE Player = ? ['brad lohaus']
What country is Voshon Lenard from? United States SELECT (Nationality) FROM players WHERE Player = ? ['voshon lenard']

Some questions about iris.csv:

question answer sql
what is the average petal width for virginica 2.026 SELECT avg(Petal.Width) FROM iris WHERE Species = ? ['virginica']
what is the longest sepal for versicolor 7.0 SELECT max(Sepal.Length) FROM iris WHERE Species = ? ['versicolor']
how many setosa rows are there 50 SELECT count(col0) FROM iris WHERE Species = ? ['setosa']

There are plenty of types of questions this model cannot answer (and that aren't covered in the dataset it is trained on, or in the sql it is permitted to generate). I hope to track research in the area and substitute in models as they become available:

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